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Where do words come from?

4 September 2019 Where do words come from?  My journey of transformation from the ‘perfect active obstetrician’ to the ’contemplative spiritual director’ who works from the place of the unknown, utilising the lenses of Wilfred Bion and Quaker Spirituality. ...

Authority – a short enquiry

Authority is the legitimate use of power. But what do we count as legitimate authority and how is such legitimacy achieved?Authority - a short enquiry The NIODA Group Relations Working Conference in November 2019 (Identity, Gender, Authority and Community at Work) has...

Writing workshop

This workshop aims to help participants become authors of their written pieces; to discover the role of author; to allow their imagination to flourish. And it also looks to the fundamentals of good writing and editing.

Community at Work

The 2019 NIODA Group Relations Conference aims to explore the idea of the community at work, especially those systems within the community that affect or are affected by identity and gender, and how these are affected by authority relations see

Alumnus Insights

Address to the NIODA Graduands from alumnus, Deb Martindale (RMIT Organisation Dynamics Masters Graduate 2009)    What a great privilege it is to be here with you tonight. I feel very humble. Between you and our new mutual friends Bion, Trist, Chapman, Alderfer and...

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