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Dedicated to the advancement of understanding in systems psychodynamics for the purpose of supporting healthy, sustainable and creative organisations.

‘Although there are many different types of personalities in the world, and their complexities and differences are fascinating; people’s behaviours, thoughts and feelings are most strongly influenced by the roles they take up and the tasks they undertake. This effect is not experienced consciously and so people tend to think in terms of personality. But, roles and tasks belong to groups and organisations. Everything changes when you are a parent, a government official, a CEO, a nurse, a lawyer or a call centre worker. Tasks and roles “call out” different parts of you. You think different thoughts and different feelings are experienced in different roles and doing different tasks. These may travel across roles, but they are often unique to the role. I am hugely curious about this.’

Professor Susan Long

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Research and Scholarship are the cornerstone of NIODA’s vitality, energy and relevance.  Supporting cutting edge knowledge and practice in NIODA’s Academic programs and Consulting.  Providing a dynamic, forward oriented workplace for staff members and associates, and opportunities for NIODA students to be involved in small and large research endeavours.

NIODA Research supports organisations and their members in discovery of hitherto unknown correlations or causal connections in their organisational experience and supporting and working with them to remedy problematics as a result of new understandings.

NIODA Scholarship works towards scholarly advancements through deeply and humanely thinking about what occurs in organisations; to sort the significant from the insignificant and issue meaningful opinions about important matters, with fairness and grace.

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The experience and expertise of the people behind NIODA is exemplary providing you with real and valuable skills towards better leadership and managment.

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Professor Susan Long

Professor Susan Long

Director of Research & Scholarship

Dr Nuala Dent

Dr Nuala Dent

Teacher & Consultant & HREC Member


NIODA Symposium


2017 the symposium was focussed on ‘Getting the policies we deserve’

 2018 was ‘Leading and managing in the emergency and trauma sector’

2019 is ‘Healthy and Ethical Organisational Culture’


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