Executive Management Committee
The NIODA Executive Management Committee is a standing committee of the NIODA Board of Governance.


Organisation Leadership

The EMC Membership consists of:

The Chief Executive Officer

The Deputy Chief Executive Offcier

The Office Manager/Board Secretary

The Director of Academic Programs

The Director of Research and Scholarship

The Director of NIODA Consulting

The EMC meets monthly and reports on its activities to the Board of Governance at its quarterly meetings.

There is a quorum of three members that must include the CEO and at least one Director.

Exec Management Team

Experience & Expertise

The experience and expertise of the people behind NIODA is exemplary providing you with real and valuable skills towards better leadership and managment.
Dr Wendy Harding

Dr Wendy Harding

Chief Executive Officer & Director of Academic Programs

Dr Brigid Nossal

Dr Brigid Nossal

Deputy Chief Executive Officer & Director of Consulting

Professor Susan Long

Professor Susan Long

Director of Research & Scholarship

Ms Sally Mussared

Ms Sally Mussared

Office Manager & Board Secretary


Executive Management

The tasks of the Executive Management Committee at NIODA are to:

Implement & Improve

Manage the implementation and improvement of NIODA’s administration policies and processes

Manage & Coordinate

Oversee the day-to-day management, coordination and review of NIODA, its ICT & physical environments and its staff

Maintain Records

Keep and maintain accurate records of all organisational operations.

Develop & Review Policies

Develop and review polices and schedule of delegations as directed by the Board of Governance.

Plan & Budget

Support the CEO in the preparation and review of the Business Plan and budget for the Board’s consideration, including capital planning.

Review Recommendations

Review requests and recommendations from the Education Committee regarding amendments to approved budget.


Manage promotion and communication strategies.

Standing agenda items include:

  • Risk Management
  • ICT & Physical Environment
  • Business Unit Reports
  • Finances
  • Communications and marketing

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