Leadership development workshops

Helping you get beneath the surface to what’s really going on, and to work with what’s uncovered; for a more thoughtful and productive workplace

Our approach is relevant, practical and able to be immediately applied to develop your leadership

Friday 19 July 2024

This workshop is designed to help you enhance your ability to nurture psychological safety within your team, creating an environment of trust where innovation thrives, challenges are met with resilience, and collective success is the norm.


friday 16 August 2024

An immersive workshop to improve your skills navigating the complexities of managing in the middle & excel in influencing up, down & sideways.


Friday 20 September 2024

Team leaders and managers: Transform collaboration and unlock the full potential of inter-team relationships in this interactive workshop. Gain valuable insights, develop strategies, and make a lasting impact within your organisation.


Friday 18 October 2024

Develop your leadership potential – lead with impact! Join us for a transformative one-day workshop designed exclusively for emerging leaders.


Friday 22 November 2024

Understand the value of strategically pausing, creating space for thoughtful consideration of complex workplace challenges and opportunities.


Seeking a new approach?

Insightful ways to help you create real change

It is easy to solve problems that you know how to solve, but are they the problems that you actually have?

We work with you to explore the conscious and practical dimensions of organisational life, while also paying attention to unconscious (hidden) aspects. This approach reveals what is really going on; allowing enduring change to be achieved.

We are committed and passionate about working in partnership with you to think together to develop ideas, designs and solutions that can be applied immediately to improve your organisation.

Real change is possible

NIODA staff have specialist qualifications and expertise and are skilled in utilising themselves and their emotional experiences as important sources of data for the work.


We tolerate the anxieties affiliated with not-knowing, so that deeper insight into your experiences and conundrums is discerned.


We believe that learning from experience is fundamental to the capacity of individuals, groups and organisations to grow and develop creatively.


Creative work in organisations is dependent upon systems, structures and ways of working that provide containment for the anxieties that all work naturally engenders.


We understand that conscious and unconscious processes can influence the ways in which organisations are structured.

Who is this for?

Individuals, groups and organisational leaders who are seeking an innovative approach to complex challenges and difficult problems. When your ‘tried and true’ approach is no longer working.

What we do...

Offer organisations and the people who work in them new and creative ways to understand and deal with complex dilemmas, exercise leadership, foster a healthy work culture, and transform systems for high performance.

We deliver!

Services that positively impact the organisation’s leadership, work culture, structure and processes by working with the conscious and practical aspects of organisational life while also paying attention to what may be unconscious or hidden.

Our Approach


We are guided by a number of ‘living’ assumptions – dynamic, responsive and available to be questioned and reshaped to reflect the current realities for you and your organisation.

Let’s attempt to define these assumptions:

Organisations are essentially people behaving. The question is, how they behave and whether this is in support of the organisation’s task and purpose or unwittingly working against it.

Organisations are made up of many interacting individuals, groups and systems (social, emotional and task-related systems) functioning in both conscious and unconscious ways.

Leading intelligence can be created by reflecting upon the experience of working. This can both inform organisational planning and grow people’s capacity and appetite for their work task.

Work worth doing will create some level of anxiety. Organisations, as living systems, create structures and cultures to manage this anxiety. To make this explicit opens up choices about what works best in the service of the task.

Engage people in

a collaborative process of analysing, making sense and creating insights.

That delivers you

better decision making, adaptive changes and sustainable outcomes.

To positively impact

leadership, service design, workflow systems, roles and work culture.

Valued by Organisations

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NIODA acknowledges the Kulin Nations, and respective Traditional Custodians of the lands we work on.
We pay our respects to Elders past and present, and recognise their enduring sovereignty which has, and continues to, care for Country.
NIODA welcomes the Uluru Statement from the Heart’s invitation to walk with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in a collective movement for a better future.

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