Academic Board of Governance

The NIODA Academic Board of Governance (ABG) is the entity entrusted with academic leadership and governance at NIODA.


Academic Leadership

The NIODA Academic Board of Governance (ABG) is the entity entrusted with academic leadership and governance at NIODA. Academic leadership and governance is concerned with guiding and steering all matters relating to the integrity and quality of teaching and learning activities, scholarship and research. The ABG is a permanent standing committee of the NIODA Board of Governance. The Board’s Academic Governance portfolio holder is an ex-officio member of the ABG.

The Academic Board of Governance delegates authority to committees and individuals to assist in its work. A committee or individual operating under such delegation must report on its activities to the ABG at the times and in the manner the ABG directs.


Experience & Expertise

The experience and expertise of the people behind NIODA is exemplary providing you with real and valuable skills towards optimal governance leadership.

Prof John Newton

Prof John Newton

Chair of Academic Board of Governance

Dr Bernadette Miles

Dr Bernadette Miles

Academic Board of Governance Member

Ms Sallyanne Miller

Ms Sallyanne Miller

Academic Board of Governance Member

Ms Susan Campbell

Ms Susan Campbell

Academic Board of Governance Alumni Representative

Mr Michael Carpenter

Mr Michael Carpenter

Academic Board of Governance, Board Representative

Dr Brigid Nossal

Dr Brigid Nossal

Academic Board of Governance, Academic Staff Representative

Dr Kate Dempsey

Dr Kate Dempsey

Academic Board of Governance, Doctoral portfolio

Mr Rob Ryan

Mr Rob Ryan

Academic Board of Governance



The ABG fulfils its obligations for academic leadership and governance by taking responsibility for the following activities:

Teaching & Learning

Development and oversight of a teaching and learning plan, or similar, providing a road map for scholarship and pedagogical approaches across NIODA.


Academic Quality Assurance

Development and oversight of strong academic quality assurance processes which support NIODA’s teaching, learning and research activities, including those required to meet external requirements such as professional standards, Higher Education Standards Framework – Threshold Standards and the Australian Qualifications Framework.


Academic Policies

Development and oversight of academic policies and procedures that are regularly reviewed for consistency, currency and adequacy.

Course Design

Ensuring effective course design and approval processes are in place and that established courses are monitored, reviewed and updated on a regular basis.

Monitor Performance

Regular monitoring of student performance and learning outcomes and reporting to the Board of Governance.

Valid Delegations

Regular use (and updating) of valid delegations by the academic board to any subcommittees or other bodies or senior academic leaders in the academic governance structure.


Scholarly Activities

Development and oversight of scholarly activities to support staff scholarship.


Professional Development

Development and oversight of a timely and relevant professional development strategy.


Support Services

Oversight of appropriate academic and student support services.

Monitor Effectiveness

Regular monitoring and review of the effectiveness of the ABG.

Induction & Training

Ensuring effective processes for induction and training of members of the ABG and its sub-committees.


Academic Risk

Oversight and reporting of academic risk to the Board of Governance.

Academic Standards

Ensuring appropriate academic standards are set and upheld.

Tertiary Education

Keeping informed and up-to-date with trends in tertiary education and higher education regulation in Australia, including maintaining links to TEQSA.

Postgraduate Courses

Building relationships with postgraduate courses in related fields in Australian and overseas Universities for cross fertilisation and benchmarking purposes towards the maintenance of academic excellence.


 Monitoring NIODA activities with our benchmarking partners to support maintenance of cutting edge educational pedagogy and practice.

Professional Bodies

Building relationships with relevant industry and professional bodies to ensure industry relevance of the course.

Disseminating Information

Disseminating information gained in the above activities throughout the NIODA Institute.

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