Education Committee
The Education Committee is a permanent standing committee of the Academic Board of Governance that is responsible for the operational aspects of the delivery of NIODA Academic Programs and Research and Scholarship as delegated by the Academic Board


Academic Leadership

The Education Committee meets monthly during the academic year.  The committee reports on its activities to the Academic Board each semester.

Membership of the Education Committee comprises:

  • The Director of Academic Programs, who is the chairperson of the committee
  • all academic, research, student support and administrative staff with continuing positions or fixed term employment agreements.

The Education Committee delegates authority to committees and individuals to assist in its work. A committee or individual operating under such delegation must report on its activities to the Education Committee, and in the manner the Committee directs.

Experience & Expertise

Faculty Staff

The experience and expertise of the people behind NIODA is exemplary providing you with real and valuable skills towards better leadership and managment.
Dr Wendy Harding

Dr Wendy Harding

Director of Academic Programs

Dr Brigid Nossal

Dr Brigid Nossal

Academic Staff Member

Dr Nuala Dent

Dr Nuala Dent

Academic Staff Member

Ms Helen McKelvie

Ms Helen McKelvie

Academic Staff Member

Dr Jinette deGooijer

Dr Jinette deGooijer

Academic Staff Member

Dr Joy Humphries

Dr Joy Humphries

Academic Staff Member

Ms Sally Mussared

Ms Sally Mussared

Office Manager

Delivering world class

Academic Programs

The education committee’s tasks and responsibilities are as follows:

teaching and learning

Developing and implementing teaching & learning strageties



 Developing curriculum  & assessment.



Undertaking benchmarking with globalpartners


Student selection & progress review.

student support

Identification and planning for ‘at risk’ students.


Approving award completions.

Staff induction

Undertakinging staff induction.

Within Budget

Contributing to the creation of academic budgets and managing within them.

Staff reviews

 Undertaking combined staff work role reviews.

Staff Development

Supporting staff development & publications.


Initiating and supporting research activities.

Managing Processes

Managing staff and student grievance, misconduct and appeals processes.

Student Evaluations

Managing Student experience evaluations.


Community development and liaison.


Other activities as the Academic Board determines.

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