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The expertise and experience of the team at NIODA is shared with you explaining and defining Organisation Dynamics, and what is happening in Australia and across the globe.

Let’s (not) Talk About Accountability

A good deal of my consulting work boils down to creating a pretext for necessary conversations between people at work. These may be conversations about clarifying roles and role boundaries, agreeing priorities, establishing group norms and shared values, working...

Leadership, Management and Organisation Dynamics, Sydney

You know how difficult it is to be a great leader and manager. You have ploughed through the plethora of courses available to find one in which you learn real, valuable and in-depth theory and skills so you can be a better leader?
What we do is teach in-depth understanding of organisation dynamics so that you can develop the know-how to effect real change.
In fact for the first time ever this program will be available in Sydney in a modular format!

Convenient Fiction? Diagnostic surveys and other blunt instruments

Sometimes I say, with a bit of cheek, that Executive Teams are prepared to pay a lot of money NOT to learn about what is really going on in their organisations. Every year, so many resources are spent on quantitative survey tools that loosely point to areas of challenge (e.g. poor communication, bullying, low morale, distant managers, high turnover etc.), but provide little or no rich detail about what sits behind the data…

NIODA Insights

I have recently joined NIODA as the Board Secretary / Office Manager and am regularly delighted by the insights that theses wonderful people have into who we are and how we can work well as a team.  They not only have the expertise and experience to share these...

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