Coaching for Leadership

Coaching for Leadership

Space to reflect in-depth and gain insight to

Lead with purpose

You may have started in a new leadership role, feel frustrated or stuck with seemingly intractable challenges, or be looking for ways to refresh a role you’ve had for some time. Perhaps you are looking to make a change or do things differently, or really develop your leadership potential. With a NIODA coach, you’ll have the space to reflect and gain real insight, so you can act with real purpose.

What to expect from NIODA leadership coaching

NIODA coaching aims to develop leadership for the 21st century. That means you realising your own leadership potential, and unleashing leadership in others – in your team and your organisation.

NIODA coaches focus on you in your work role, not just on your individual personality or attributes. Your coaching sessions are a chance to explore in-depth how you experience your role and how you take up leadership. You’ll look at what you’ve brought from past experience, including patterns from your history of role-taking that might be affecting the choices you’re making now, how you’re relating and performing. You can also expect to think deeply about the system you work in (your organisation) and its context (the sector, and what’s happening in the wider environment) and to explore how these influence and interrelate with what you bring to your role as a leader.

Ethical, adaptive innovative – leadership for the 21st century

NIODA coaching begins at a deeply human level, ensuring that you feel understood and able to reflect openly on your current leadership dilemmas and position. We take you on a journey, looking at your relationships, the way you lead, the networks you work in, and how to think strategically about making personal and organisational changes. At all times this is a deeply personal approach to coaching.

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NIODA Coaching acknowledges that lateral dynamics are as impactful as vertical dynamics, in terms of how organisations and society change. Leadership is now a distributed phenomenon, and new leaders are demanded for the global network society.

Leaders who can influence rather than control, leaders who are also skilled followers and can move between leadership and followership easily, leaders who have ‘networked mindsets’, leaders who generate leadership in others, leaders who think spatially, not in linear and modernist forms, leaders without position power who spring up from no-where and show leadership when needed, leaders who think in metaphors, seeing organisations as eco-systems not as efficiency-machines. These leaders are ethical, adaptive and innovative.

NIODA Coaching is uniquely designed to coach individuals to become ‘new leaders’ with new skills, understanding and vision to deliver change using lateral dynamics. We call this new approach “Eco-Leadership” (Western 2012) because these new leaders think in terms of organisations as eco-systems, i.e. connected, inter-dependent systems of people, the natural world and technology.

Leadership coaching in-depth: get at what’s really going on

Working with a NIODA coach you’ll be taking the opportunity to look below the surface to understand what’s really going on with your leadership role.

Deep insights to give you a new way forward in your work

‘Aha’ moments to make sense of the chaos – what you’ve known but haven’t been able to think about or articulate

Personal and professional development for greater clarity and purpose

Feel, be more effective and motivated

The starting point for your coaching experience

The starting point can be whatever aspect of your leadership that is important to spend time reflecting on. You may be able to identify this starting point, or know from feedback from others in your organisation what may need some attention. Through making connections between past experiences and what is happening in your leadership role now, working with a NIODA coach will help you to move forward with more clarity and focus on what you and your organisation need to be effective and aligned with purpose.

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Qualified experienced coaches

NIODA coaches have undertaken postgraduate study and practical training in the Organisational Role Analysis approach to coaching. A number of coaches have an additional certification in Analytic-Network Coaching. They are graduates of the NIODA Management Leadership (Organisation Dynamics) Masters program, or equivalent, or have a doctoral degree and years of coaching experience.

Safe space to look deeply and express openly


Professional confidentiality is an important component of the coaching experience. We coach face-to-face or online, ensuring privacy and undivided attention for regularly scheduled sessions to give you continuity and focus.

Your investment

To get the most out of coaching we recommend an initial investment of six 1.5 hour fortnightly sessions; you can book further sessions as needed.

Leadership Coaching for teams and groups

The in-depth coaching for leadership model used by NIODA coaches can be applied in a variety of different organisational settings. For team coaching, we start with an individual session for each team member, before designing a bespoke coaching plan for the team as a whole.


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