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Leadership and Management in Organisation Dynamics
“The individual and group dynamics that create organisational problems are like a giant hairball.  Our task is to disentangle it and so make the newly freed threads a fresh resource for the organisation”
Dr Brigid Nossal

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Would you like to gain insights into organisation dynamics?

Academic Programs

The Master of Leadership and Management  (Organisation Dynamics) is taught weekly in Melbourne and in modular blocks in Sydney  [COURSE DETAILS]

Upcoming events

Advanced Network Coaching
with Dr Simon Western from the UK

Alumni association

The Alumni of Organisation Dynamics (AODA) had their inaugural event in October 2018

Delve more deeply

Master of Leadership and Management in Organisation Dynamics

There are more humane ways of being a manager / leader AND they happen to be more effective.  Gaining insight into the emotional life of an organisation is the most powerful data you have if you seek to be an effective leader.

  • analyse, understand and manage group dynamics in organisations
  • identify blockers to change due to structure, culture and/or technology
  • work with the emotional labour of leading complex systems in fast-changing environments
  • discover what is ‘below the surface’ in work situations
  • part-time weekly classes OR two, three or five day modules

Analytic-Network Coaching

Advanced Coach Training

The Advanced Coach Training is a coach-training program which certifies experienced coaches to be proficient in using the Analytic-Network Coaching System™ with Dr Simon Western from the UK.


Innovative Approaches to Consulting that Meet your Organisation’s Unique Needs

Is the ‘tried & tested’ approach no longer working for you?  We offer new and creative ways to understand and deal with your complex challenges and difficult problems. The aim is to grow insight and impact positively on your organisation’s leadership, work culture, structure and processes.  We work with the conscious and pratical aspects of organisational life, and also consider the  ‘hidden’ influences on performance and the general ‘health’ of the organisation.

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