Opening the space to think differently and to go on thinking in the face of turbulence;
exploring and creating possibilities

12 Oct – 23 Nov 2021

Focussing your cultural lens to collaborate with ‘the other’ at work

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Dates to suit you 2021-2022

NIODA’s In-house experiential training program

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NIODA Colloquium

29 Oct 2021

NIODA third-year students present their action research

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3, 8, 9, 10 & 12 Nov 2021

Complexity, Creativity and Community in a Networked World:

Invites us to discover our creative capacity in an online working environment.  It also seeks to understand a particular challenge of remote or hybrid work; to find and create online places, where we can connect with others to build a sense of community within and alongside our work organisations.

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The National Institute of Organisation Dynamics Australia (NIODA) offers internationally renowned post-graduate education and research in organisation dynamics, and decades of experience consulting with Australian organisations. 

The study of organisation dynamics brings together socio-technical and psychoanalytic disciplines to explore the unconscious dynamics that exist in every group, team or organisation. Learning more about these theories, and reflecting on the experience of them, can support leaders and managers to unlock great potential in their organisations, tackling issues through a whole new light.

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