Through trauma – towards creative innovations

online professional development workshop series with

Jerry Fromm & Richard Morgan-Jones

“Bullets don’t just travel through skin and bone. They travel through time.”


These words were tattooed onto the shoulder of a young woman whose father was shot during “The Troubles” in Northern Ireland.

This workshop series is an opportunity to work with the wrenching, but also binding truth that trauma plays out over time, including between generations. Experiences that happen to a family, to a society, and to organisations intimately link these units with larger contexts of history and culture.

Etymologically, trauma is a wound to an organism, a puncturing of the physical, but also the psychological, “skin” or boundary that protects the inside from the outside.  When Freud took up the study of trauma, he described the “protective shield” parents provide for children.  What makes a psychological wound traumatic is that the events leading to it are extremely powerful, existentially threatening to the core self, and happen suddenly, in a way that breaches the person’s now internalized protective shield against massive overstimulation.  The capacity for thought and even for feeling is overwhelmed.  Instead, trauma leads to a reflexive effort to cut oneself off from the unbearable.  A broader definition of trauma would also recognize the debilitating effects of cumulative traumatic stress over time, leading to sustained, self-protective warping of a person’s development, to chronic self-destructive efforts at dulling the pain, and to actions that might very well traumatize others.

Drawing on his new book, ‘Traveling through Time’ Jerry Fromm and his colleague Richard Morgan-Jones will facilitate a series of six 90-minute workshop sessions comprising experience-based learning, reflection on experience and seminar presentation.

Participants will:

  • explore the Nature of trauma,
  • engage in (Im)possible dialogues, which may be between parts of the self, between groups or between generations, and the way in which trauma shapes large group identity, and
  • contemplate Creative innovations and new beginnings, through the establishment of potential space and some of the dynamics that occur within it.

The experiential elements of the workshops will utilise the ‘Trilogy Matrix Event’, a method developed by Richard Morgan-Jones that offers a potential integration of perspectives from across individual, group and contextual dynamics.


Traveling through Time

Traveling Through Time: How Trauma Plays Itself Out in Families, Organizations and Society by Jerry Fromm


* six live interactive workshop sessions
* selected readings
* a copy of Traveling through Time: How trauma plays itself out
in families, organizations and society
book by Jerry Fromm
* all for AUD $990

8 – 9.30 pm Wednesday & Thursday evenings (Melbourne time)

Your timezone may vary for your country, so please be aware of these shifts.


Places are limited… don’t miss out!








Through trauma – in families, organisations and society – towards creative innovations

online professional development workshop series with

Jerry Fromm & Richard Morgan-Jones

Dr Jerry Fromm

Jerry Fromm

Jerry is a Distinguished Faculty member and former Director of the Erikson Institute of the Austen Riggs Center and a Fellow of the American Board and Academy of Psychoanalysis. He is also President of the International Dialogue Initiative, an interdisciplinary group that studies the psychodynamics of societal conflict, and a past president of ISPSO and the Center for the Study of Groups and Social Systems in Boston. He currently consults to organisations and leads training workshops. Dr Fromm’s most recent book is Traveling through time: How trauma plays itself out in families, organisations and society.

Richard Morgan-Jones

Richard Morgan-Jones

Richard is a group relations, organisational consultant and coach. He is a supervising senior psychoanalytic psychotherapist of the British Psychotherapy Foundation, member British Psychoanalytic Council and OPUS. Distinguished member of the International Society for Psychoanalytic Society of Organizations. Mentor A.K. Rice Institute. Visiting faculty at the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, India and Higher School of Economics Moscow. Director Work Force Health: Consulting and Research. Author of The Body of the Organisation and its Health, London: Karnac. He has run a number of seminars and workshops in Moscow with HSE and APCBC for whom he is consults to a developing group relations programme.

📆  Dates

Wednesday 26 April, Thursday 27 April, Wednesday 3 May, Thursday 4 May, Wednesday 10 May, Thursday 11 May 2023

⏰ Session Times

8 – 9.30 pm  🇨🇰  Melbourne
11 am – 12.30 pm 🇬🇧  London
6 – 7.30 am 🇺🇸  New York
6 – 7.30 pm 🇸🇬  Singapore

💷  For only

AUD $990 including six workshop sessions, selected readings,
plus a copy of Jerry’s book Traveling Through Time.

👩🏻‍💻 Location

Live interactive online


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