Action Learning for Organisational Transformation

NIODA’s In-house experiential training program

Dr Brigid Nossal & Ms Helen McKelvie

Action Learning for Organisational Transformation

NIODA’s In-house experiential training program

Dr Brigid Nossal & Ms Helen McKelvie


Is your organisation facing a ‘wicked’ problem?
Are you the leader of a new Team?
Is psychological safety and the well-being of your staff a priority for your organisation?

Any of these questions could be the starting point for engaging NIODA Consulting for this tailored and unique training offering. We know that sustainable results come from your active participation in the learning experience. Action Learning is a way of bringing your work challenges into focus and discovering practical ways to solve problems. Through Action Learning, work groups develop thoughtful and creative ways of working together. and embed a work culture that is anchored in mutual respect, collaboration and communication.


In this training program you will:

  • Learn about what is really going on (diagnostic tools)
  • Develop new ways of thinking about old problems (reflective practice)
  • Discover resources that were previously hidden
  • Understand what a systems lens can reveal about the organisation
  • Apply new ways of working together
  • Create and embed a healthy and safe workplace culture.

Action Learning for Organisational Transformation: NIODA’s In-house experiential training program

The program is designed to run over six months with a combination of half-day and monthly two-hour sessions. We know that to create and embed sustainable and healthy practices takes time and requires a commitment.

NIODA’s highly experienced staff will be leading this new in-house training program and we would like to offer the first three organisations a 25% discount.

For more information and to book a free initial consultation contact Sally Mussared.

The Use of Drawing as an Agent of Transformation: a case presentation

Dr Brigid Nossal

Deputy CEO & Director of Consulting, NIODA

 Brigid is a co-founder of NIODA and has worked as an organisational consultant and executive coach for over 25 years. She has been delivering experiential learning programs for over 15 years. This has included staff and Director roles on Group Relations Conferences, teaching in the RMIT and NIODA Masters degree and running external and in-house training programs. Brigid is passionate about systems psychodynamics and Action Learning approaches because of the way that they enable clients to get quickly to the heart of complex issues and provide a practical means for working through them towards sustainable solutions and healthy ways of working. Brigid supports her clients and students to be curious, analytical and systems-oriented in their thinking. So often issues can be approached as if they are personal or inter-personal in nature. However, looked at through an organisational or systems lens, they can appear quite different. In addition, bringing an Action Learning approach builds insight and resilience in individuals and groups. People are better able to navigate through uncertainty and to make better decisions.

Brigid has worked with a broad range of organisations. Over the past 15 years, this has been mostly in the public and not-for-profit sectors. Before that, Brigid delivered accredited in-house training to large private sector organisations such as Southcorp, Simplot and ANZ. The principals of Action Learning can be applied in any organisational setting with excellent results.

Ms Helen McKelvie

Ms Helen McKelvie

Masters Course Coordinator, NIODA

Helen has had over 25 years of working in organisations to inform her approach to helping others gain insights into how they take up roles and how to achieve greater alignment with individual, team and organisational purpose. Her own roles as internal planning consultant, policy and project manager, and lawyer in workplaces in both the public and private sectors have provided her with first-hand experience of the complexity and challenges of organisational life.

Helen is an alumnus and now teaches in the Master’s program at the National Institute of Organisation Dynamics Australia (NIODA). She also has a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Arts from the University of Melbourne. In addition to her academic qualifications, Helen is an accredited practitioner of PRISM Brain Mapping, an online, neuroscience-based behaviour mapping instrument, and is a registered Analytic-Network Coach. Helen also has training and experience in workplace mediation and yoga teaching qualifications.

When & Where

Action Learning for Organisational Transformation: NIODA’s In-house experiential training program

📆  Dates

Across six months

⏰. Session Times

Combination of half-day and monthly two-hour sessions.
Agreed in advance to suit your workplace.

💷  For only

AUD $15,000

👩🏻‍💻. Location

Live interactive online sessions via Zoom


The National Institute of Organisation Dynamics Australia (NIODA) offers internationally renowned post-graduate education and research in organisation dynamics, and decades of experience consulting with Australian organisations. 

The study of organisation dynamics brings together socio-technical and psychoanalytic disciplines to explore the unconscious dynamics that exist in every group, team or organisation. Learning more about these theories, and reflecting on the experience of them, can support leaders and managers to unlock great potential in their organisations, tackling issues through a whole new light.

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