Dr Janelle Morgan


Janelle originally trained as a nurse but over the last thirty years, her working career has been in operational
and senior management roles in the justice sector in the Victorian public service. Since completing her PhD,
Janelle has used a systems psychodynamic approach in her work.

Dr Morgan has a long-term interest in research ethics, commencing when she worked as a research
assistant and then laboratory manager. This interest continued through her senior roles in the justice sector
when she was responsible for approving all research applications to conduct research in prisons and
community corrections.

Dr Morgan has experience in the challenges and ethical issues associated with working as an insider
researcher, having carried out research in her own organisation as the cornerstone of her PhD thesis –
Working with What is There: A systems psychodynamic framework for inter-agency collaboration.

‘Working within a systems psychodynamic framework has taught me the value of a safe reflective space within which to work and learn with collaborating partners, and the value of engaging directly with the social system being examined.’

Dr Janelle Morgan


Doctor of Philosophy, RMIT University

Master of Applied Science (ISM), RMIT University

Graduate Diploma of Counselling, Charles Sturt University

Bachelor of Behavioural Sciences, La Trobe University

Committees & Boards

Group Relations Australia: Member

Clonbinane Community Action Group: President

NIODA Human Research Ethics Committee: Chair

NIODA Doctoral Program Development Committee: Chair


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