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Welcome to the National Institute of Organisation Dynamics Australia Ltd (NIODA), an Australian registered Higher Education Provider offering you a Master of Leadership and Management (Organisation Dynamics) integrating work experience with academic theory.

This program is designed for experienced professionals to improve your capability and grow resilience as an individual, in groups and within your organisation.

Are you ready?

“The individual and group dynamics that create organisational problems are like a giant hairball. Our task is to disentangle it and so make the newly freed threads a fresh resource for the organisation”

Dr Brigid Nossal, Deputy CEO & Director of Consulting

2021 Information Sessions

Wednesday 27 January and Monday 8 February 

Live interactive online via Zoom

graduate satisfaction*

*It seems unbelievable, but it’s true! Graduate 2019 survey results had a 100% course satisfaction rate

years teaching in Australia

years of leadership experience required

graduates of organisation dynamics

“It’s changed fundamentally how I work at work and how I work with others… specifically in my role as a manager and a leader.”

– Karen Olver, NIODA graduate 2018

“This course changed the way I think about organisations, the way I think about myself, and the way I think about others and helping others…”

– Cameron Brooks, NIODA graduate 2019

“I didn’t quite expect to develop in terms of self-awareness. You become a better manager, a better leader and a better human being.”

– Nikola Zaorska, NIODA student

Master of Leadership and Management (Organisation Dynamics)

This Master of Leadership and Management (Organisation Dynamics) is a world-renowned work integrated program designed for work-experienced professionals who wish to learn to:

  • analyse, understand and manage ‘below the surface’ group and organisational dynamics in organisations
  • identify blockers to change due to structure, culture and technology
  • work with the emotional labour of leading complex systems in fast-changing environments.

Offered part-time across three years as live interactive online classes until mid-2021, and then you choose weekly or fly-in-fly-out block classes.

FEE-HELP is available so you can pay as you earn.

Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) level 9.

2021 Course Guide

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