Seminar 5 June 2019

Seminar with Nuala Dent

The use of an art-based method to explore countertransference

The use of an art-based method to explore countertransference

This seminar demonstrates the use of an arts-based systems psychodynamic research method to explore countertransference and surface hidden data.

Art-based research is the systematic use of artistic process as a way of understanding and examining experience. It can be described as a set of approaches to working with the visual, both as a process through which knowledge is produced and a way to achieve research findings. Nuala Dent uses the concepts of evolutionary creativity, container-contained and potential space to locate art-based research methods within a systems psychodynamic approach. 

This seminar will focus on a particular method developed by Nuala, an iterative cycle of ‘drawing, pausing, documenting and reflecting’ as a mode of inquiry to surface countertransference, and to generate data about the research system which may not be accessible through other means. 

Nuala brings a systems-psychodynamic approach to her work to surface the unspoken and largely unconscious issues that influence how people take up roles, perceive what is happening and make decisions. With a deeper understanding of the workplace experience, clients are better able to consider organisational structures, processes and resources and create opportunities for sustained change.
Nuala is a faculty member of NIODA. Her consulting services focus on leadership development and organisational change.

Nuala has submitted her PhD at La Trobe University focusing on the experience of working in a team that is spread across multiple locations and the impact on workers’ ability to take up leadership and authority in their roles, accountability, productivity and workplace health. 

NIODA seminar 2nd PhD findings series: The use of an art-based method to explore countertransference

5 June 2019, 6 -8 pm only $65 at

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DATE:  5 June 2019

TIME:  6 – 8 pm

COST: $65

LOCATION: Level 7, 341 Queen Street, Melbourne

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