Group Relations Working Conference

Identity, Gender, Authority and Community at Work

Group Relations Working Conference

Identity, Gender, Authority and Community at Work

25-29 November 2019

About the Conference

This group relations working conference offers the opportunity for conference members to learn about the dynamics of identity, gender and authority in the workplace; and how these enhance or detract from an integrated community. As a working conference, members and staff engage in group activities and learn from their experiences, rather than passively listen to speeches and papers.

To this end, the five-day conference is constituted as a temporary learning organisation in real time, with an organisational management staff focused in the here-and-now on supporting members in their learning. Various group settings allow members to explore small, large, intergroup and institutional dynamics.

This is a working conference where you decide how you wish to engage as the temporary organisation unfolds.

What might be learned?

Members have the opportunity to learn about the influence of identity and gender on how authority is taken up and experienced, and how leadership is exercised in groups and organisations. This is done through the here-and-now experience of working in a variety of groups on the task of the conference (see below). You can examine and study:

· How you and others take up roles both consciously and unwittingly;

· How you respond to authority and leadership, how you take them up and how others respond to you as you do so;

· Which identity groups you are drawn to and how others identify you;

· Deep collective assumptions about gender and identity;

· Your emotions while doing a task and how they affect your performance;

· How we all interpret the social dynamics around us in different ways;

· In which ways organisations serve community with multiple identities and how community lives in organisations.


The conference has a basic purpose to extend learning and a connected primary task. These underpin and direct mutual work in the five days spent together.

NIODA is pleased deliver this Group Relations Working Conference

NIODA Group Relations Working Conference

Monday 25 – Friday 29 November 2019

At St Hildas College, 19-25 College Crescent, Parkville, Melbourne Victoria

Starting from $2,500


Sally Mussared – Pre-conference Administrator 

Susan Long – Conference Director

National Institute of Organisation Dynamics Australia Ltd (NIODA)

Call: +61 414 529 867

When & Where

Group Relations Working Conference: Identity, Gender, Authority and Community at Work

DATE:  25-29 November, 2019

TIME:  All day

LOCATION: St Hilda’s College, 19-25 College Crescent, Parkville  Melbourne

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PO box 287, Collins Street West  Melbourne  8007  Australia
+61 414 529 867

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