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Thursday 8 Sep 2022


9.00 - 11.00 am


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Lydia Alpizar

Lydia Alpizar

Co-Executive Director of IM-Defensoras, Mexico

Lydia Alpizar is a Mexican feminist human rights activist and the Co-Executive Director of IM-Defensoras, a unique local-to-regional alliance of diverse women human rights defenders (WHRDs), organizations, multiple social movements and national WHRD networks from Mexico, and Central America. IM-Defensoras works collaboratively to advance strategies of feminist holistic protection for WHRDs in order to sustain their struggles in favor of human rights in Mesoamerica. Lydia was the Executive Director of the Association for Women’s Rights in Development (AWID); is a Board Member of the Urgent Action Fund Latin America (FAU-LA) and the Southern-feminist organization Development Alternatives with Women for a New Era (DAWN). She is a sociologist and a graduate of the Human Rights Advocacy Training Program from Columbia University’s Center for the Study of Human Rights. Lydia has long since been influenced by psychoanalysis and unconscious processes in her leadership roles.


120 minutes

Davíd Luna (mak wemuk)

Davíd Luna (mak wemuk)

Consultant, Luna Consulting & Coaching, US

mak wemuk (Davíd Luna), JD (he, him) is Indigenous (of the Coahuiltecan peoples) and Latinx (Chicanx). He is a consultant specializing in issues of racial equity and social justice (Luna Consulting & Coaching) and a known leader of group relations conferences in the U.S. Formerly, he led Equal Voice Action, an organization that provided digital tools through which low-income families could make their voices heard in public policy processes shaping the conditions of their lives. He is a member of the Executive Committee of the Washington-Baltimore Center for the Study of Group Relations (GR), a Co-Creator of Group Relations International, an AKRI Certified Consultant, and a member of the National Lawyers Guild. He is the father of four powerful young women and is based in the Chicago area. David remains curious about how GR and its focus on whole system Unc processes can contribute to social justice efforts (or maybe organizing).

Anita Prasad

Anita Prasad

Executive Director, Working for Change, Canada

Anita Prasad (she/her) is a grassroots community development and social justice leader and organizer. A first-generation Indian immigrant to Canada, Anita’s work and life experiences on the front lines of anti-poverty, social and ecological justice work span India and Canada – working both in urban and rural spaces with communities deeply impacted and marginalized by colonial/imperialist and capitalist forces. In Toronto she has been actively engaged on issues of mental health & addiction, homelessness, food insecurity and racism and currently is the Executive Director of Working for Change, a grassroots survivor-based organization working to build economic and social mobility in communities that live in poverty. A Group Relations and Psychodynamics practitioner
for six years, Anita has a deep curiosity for how social movements create change and specifically, what the group/organizational unconscious dynamics are that both facilitate and impede social transformation and liberation.

Barbara Williams

Barbara Williams

Director, Bureau Kensington Consulting, Canada

Barbara Williams EdD, is the Director of Bureau Kensington Consulting in Toronto, a psychoanalytically oriented organizational consulting practice focusing on leadership development, shared leadership and governance with international social justice and women’s rights organizations, movement-building organizations, and movements, their
leaders and boards. She is a Guest of the Toronto Psychoanalytic Society and an Advisory Editor for the Journal of Organizational and Social Dynamics. She is the founder of Insight for Community Impact (ICI), a group relations (GR) learning community in Toronto, co-developing GR for supporting social justice leaders and activists, their communities and organizations.

When social movement organizing meets systems psychodynamics

Lydia Aplizar – Mexican feminist human rights activist, mak wemuk (Davíd Luna) – Indigenous (of the Coahuiltecan peoples) and Latinx (Chicanx), Anita Prasad – grassroots community development and social justice leader and organizer, and Barbara Williams – psychoanalytically oriented organizational consulting practice focusing on leadership development, shared leadership and governance come together to explore when social movement organizing meets systems psychodynamics.


Moderated by Ed Shapiro








Session schedule


Introduction – Ed Shapiro


Panel presentation –  Lydia Alpizar, David Luna, Anita Prasad, Barbara Williams


Small group discussions






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Next session

The following are presenting the next session of dialogue at the symposium

Aarti Kapoor


Emma Olivier


Jenny Smith


Employees and Organisational Perspectives on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG): The dynamics of making progress toward socially-impactful business.

Creating businesses that make positive contributions to their social and environmental
context is a significant area of focus and investment in developed economies. A dialogue event opening a conversation about the dynamics of making progress on Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) issues in the corporate context. The dialogue will offer participants the opportunity to engage in conversation with corporate leaders, Aarti Kapoor, Emma Oliver and Jenny Smith. The discussion aims to unearth the desires, opportunities, tensions and organisational dynamics that appear for executives and employees around ESG in the workplace.

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