Seminar May 2018

Jane Chapman in Conversation
Hatred & Corruption of Task

Jane Chapman in Conversation: Hatred & Corruption of Task

Since its publication in the journal Socio-Analysis back in 1999, Jane Chapman’s paper, ‘Hatred and Corruption of Task’ continues to be a favourite amongst students, colleagues and clients. This is due to its ongoing relevance and usefulness in coming to understand the impact of the work task on experiences in organisations.
The concept of an organisation’s Primary Task, first put forward by the Tavistock Institute in the 1950s, remains a very useful organising concept. While it has been challenged as to its applicability to today’s complex and turbulent organisations now struggling to reconcile multiple and often conflicting ‘Primary Tasks’, the key ideas and tools presented in Hatred and Corruption of Task still resonate strongly. This is because they can offer leaders and consultants what may be vital clues, remedies and alternative ways of thinking about organisational challenges and opportunities. Chapman offers a practical set of values and ways of understanding work tasks that can support the organisation both to work through what may be perceived as ‘hated tasks’ and to guard against the ‘corruption’ of work tasks and a return to creative and generative productivity.
This seminar will be presented through an interview with Jane Chapman and then an opportunity to examine the application of the ideas in your own work practice.
We will also be celebrating the launch of the Jane Chapman Scholarship Fund that has been made possible by Jane’s generous founding donation.


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When & Where

Jane Chapman in Conversation

‘Hatred & The Corruption of Task’

Event Details

DATE:  9 May 2018

TIME:  6 – 8 pm


LOCATION: CAE, 253 Flinders Lane, Melbourne

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