Leadership, Management and Organisation Dynamics, Sydney

Leadership, Management and Organisation Dynamics, Sydney

You know how difficult it is to be a great leader and manager?  You will have ploughed through the plethora of courses available to find one in which you learn real, valuable and in-depth theory and skills so you can be a better leader.  What we do is teach in-depth understanding of leadership, management and organisation dynamics so that you can develop the know-how to effect real change.  This program is also a must for those consulting to leaders and managers across all organisational domains.

In fact for the first time ever this program will be available in Sydney in a modular format!

The Leadership, Management and Organisation Dynamics program is designed for experienced professionals who wish to develop these capabilities in organisational leadership and management.

It is a part-time program across three years of face-to-face coursework and regular online classroom sessions.

Participants are taught in blocks of two, three or five days with online sessions supplementing the face-to-face classes.

In-depth Subjects…

– Organisations and Management through the Art of Metaphor – Unconscious Dynamics in Groups and Systems – ‘Through a Cultural Lens’: Collaborating with the ‘other’ at work – Systems Psychodynamic Consulting – Strategy in Complex Systems – Organisational Role Analysis – Managing Beyond Organisational Boundaries: Networks and other Relations – Leadership and Authority for Role and Task – Action Research 1, 2 & 3 – Publishing and Disseminating Action Research.

The coursework for the majority of subjects is held in York Street, Sydney.
(Two subjects are held in Melbourne.)

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NIODA is the National Institute of Organisation Dynamics Australia. The Institute is recognised  internationally for the depth and exemplary standards of its Leadership and Management Programs and for the exceptional staff experience and expertise of those who teach in the program.  This is not a fly-by-night program.  This is a quality, trusted program with a long history. In it you will delve into the deeper layers of organisational life so you can develop the knowledge and expertise to be a better leader and manager.

The individual and group dynamics that create organisational problems are like a giant hairball.  Our task is to disentangle it and so make the newly freed threads a fresh resource for the organisation.

Dr Brigid Nossal

Starting Details

DATE:  3 September 2018

TIME:  All week

LOCATION: York Street, Sydney, Australia








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