Wednesday 9 Sep 2020


7.00 – 9.00 pm


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Uncle Ray Minniecon

Uncle Ray Minniecon

Paulette Whitton

Paulette Whitton

Aboriginal Liaison Officer, annecto Australia

Michael Hercock

Michael Hercock

Executive Manager NSW/ACT, annecto Australia

Lucy Murphy

Lucy Murphy

General Manager - Performance Development & Change, annecto Australia


120 minutes

Beyond Ticking the Box: Conversations that matter between Aboriginal Leaders and Non Aboriginal Leaders in White Organisations

annecto, a human rights-oriented disability and aged care organisation, has built a partnership relationship with the Aboriginal community over a number of years.

The interactions and relationships developed between the leaders came to symbolise a different way of working together on a shared future as an organisation and community.
The session will explore, through story and conversation, what was challenging, what worked, what didn’t, what was hopeful, what wasn’t, and what might help others on the journey.








Session schedule

There will be four presenters, two Aboriginal Leaders and two Non-Aboriginal, who will present several scenarios that came to symbolize the relationship of trust that was built through these experiences. Each will present a scenario, which will take the form of a real story from the perspective of each of the leaders.


How do we know we are safe. How do we know are heard. How do we know we have voice.


What happens when your organisation’s view diminishes my Culture and how do we work it out.


What is possible when we organisationally let go and join the work together.

Michael Hercock


Michael Hercock was raised in Aotearoa (New Zealand), amongst the Maori and Polynesian communities, in coming to Australia he found a welcome home amongst the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island Community. Michael was invited to become the General Manager of Kinchela Boys Home Corporation in its formative stages by then CEO Uncle Ray Minniecon after a number of years Managing community services. Michael and Ray would form the partnership with annecto that would see the first Federal Aboriginal Home Care Packages accessible for the Aboriginal community in Australia.

Michael is a Family Therapist with a Masters Degree in Family Systems Theory with a focus on shame inside the family dynamic Michael is currently the Executive Manager of annecto NSW/ACT and is affectionately known as the annecto Gabba Boss to his Aboriginal colleagues.

Lucy Murphy


Lucy Murphy grew up in the Victorian wheat belt of the Wimmera, and since moving to Melbourne nearly 30 years ago has experience of working and managing services for people with a disability and aged care. Passionate about developing systems and leadership that enable healthy organisations, Lucy has led projects developing and implementing systems and practice with this intention. It is through this work that Lucy was invited to work with the annecto NSW team delivering Aboriginal Home Care Packages and their Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island community partners. Lucy’s role has included supporting the Reconciliation Action Plan implementation across annecto, and is currently working with Uncle Ray Minniecon to build a Community Development Framework, including working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island communities. Lucy’s work as Executive Manager of Performance Development and Change at annecto focusses on cultural change and practice, grounded in human rights, living systems, valued roles, and storytelling. Lucy is also completing a Masters in Management and Leadership of Organisational Dynamics.

Uncle Ray Minniecon


Ray Minniecon is a descendant of the Kabi Kabi nation and the Gurang Gurang nation of South-East Queensland. Ray is also a descendant of the South Sea Islander people with connections to the people of Ambrym Island.

Ray is the former CEO of Kinchela Boys Home Aboriginal Corporation and the Former National Director of the Indigenous work of World Vision a role he held for six years. Ray was instrumental in the partnership with annecto that saw the first Federal Aged Care Packages accessible for the Aboriginal Community in Australia

Ray has spoken about indigenous issues at local, national and international forums. In 1995 he made an intervention at the UN in Geneva on behalf of Indigenous Peoples at the first hearing of the Draft Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.
In 2001, he spoke in Italy at a Global Forum on Ethics and Economics, where he also had a private audience with the Pope.
Ray is currently a Director of Bunji Consultancies, which supports Aboriginal leadership and business initiatives with a number of corporate clients and is a consultant on the development of programs and projects for the remaining Stolen Generation communities with the University of New South Wales.

Paulette Whitton


Paulette Whitton is a Yuwaalaraay*/ Gamilaroi** woman from northwest NSW and southwest QLD, but has grown up, and continues to live, on Darug country in western Sydney.

Her father grew up in the notorious Kinchela Boys Home in Kempsey NSW, as “number 31”, making Paulette a self-confessed ‘Kinchela’.

Paulette is annecto’s inaugural Aboriginal Liaison Officer. She took up the position in 2015 to produce the organisation’s first Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) and to help annecto with building relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, organisations and communities.
Before joining annecto, Paulette was the Program Manager of Koori Radio 93.7FM in Sydney and is an award-winning broadcaster. She is a former host & producer of the station’s news and current affairs show, Blackchat. Prior to that, Paulette worked for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) as a
Researcher on the TV program Message Stick, radio producer on AWAYE! and local radio in Victoria. She also spent a number of years writing news articles as a Stringer for the Koori Mail, an Aboriginal owned newspaper.

Beginning her two-decade broadcast career at Radio Redfern in 1987, Paulette went on to complete a BA Communications (Journalism) degree at Charles Sturt University-Mitchell in Bathurst NSW.

*Paulette’s family is from the towns of Goodooga NSW & Hebel QLD in Yuwaalaraay country
**Paulette’s family is from the town of Coonabarabran NSW in Gamilaroi country

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