Prof John Newton


From 2002-2008 John was Associate Professor of Organisation Dynamics, RMIT University and Director of the Masters in Organisation Dynamics. He was the founding director (1987) of the Master in Organisation Behaviour at Swinburne University of Technology where he initiated the first Group Relations Conference for Australian postgraduate management students in 1988. This conference was offered annually introducing more than 500 managers to learning for leadership in the Tavistock tradition.

John is now a freelance consultant, part-time lecturer, action researcher and author who draws principally from the systems psychodynamic field. He was the lead editor of J.Newton, S. Long and B. Sievers (Eds.), 2006. Coaching In Depth. The Organizational Role Analysis Approach. Karnac: London and he has editorial responsibilities with the journals Socioanalysis and Organisational and Social Dynamics.

He is a member of ISPSO and a founding member and past-President of GRA.

Professor John Newton, Chair of NIODA Academic Board of Governance
Dr John Newton


Doctor of Philosophy, Monash University.

MA (Organisation Diagnosis and Change), Leeds University.

BBus (Accounting & Finance), Chisholm Institute of Technology.

DEd. University of Massachusetts, abd.



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Journal articles

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