I have recently joined NIODA as the Board Secretary / Office Manager and am regularly delighted by the insights that theses wonderful people have into who we are and how we can work well as a team.  They not only have the expertise and experience to share these ingiths, but they live and breathe what they do.

I am thrilled to have joined such an eminent team of educators who share their knowlege and understanding of the dynamics between individuals and within organisations with their students, consulting clients, research partners and those who are fortunate enough to attend NIODA’s seminars, workshops, group study sessions, symposiums and conferences.

And, it’s not just the team on the ground, but those on NIODA’s boards and committees, many of whom have completed their Masters of Leadership and Management in Organisation Dynamics themselves, who are insightful and dare I say ‘enlightened’ about how to understand, develop and create real Organisational Change.

Im thrilled to be on board at NIODA, and I aim to be the conduit to enabling those at NIODA to share their insights with you in this blog.

Cheers,  Sally

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