Native or Alien?
NIODA Seminar Katy Rowett

9 October 2019

NIODA Seminar Katy Rowett

Katy’s research, Native or Alien, has been conducted using the theory, procedures, and wisdom from the theoretical framework of system psychodynamics and creative and experiential arts inquiry. Native or Alien is designed to illuminate the social defenses that occur, consciously or unconsciously, for people when they experience cultural difference. Culture, in this sense, meaning every element of one’s identity and the group norms and rituals that provide the frame of reference and the lens in which we look through to process, evaluate and react to our experiences. 

Attendees will engage in an experiential activity to explore the dynamics engaged in when collaborating with the ‘other’. 

The activity will share learnings from the research and take delegates on a journey through a facilitated role-play, observation and closing plenary session.

Katy has a Masters in Organisation Dynamics and teaches as a Faculty member in the Master of Leadership and Management (Organisation Dynamics) course. Katy is in the final stages of her professional doctorate research into the systems psychodynamics of intercultural relations.

Katy’s career spans over 25 years as a Leader in multiple industries and across diverse geographies including, Africa, India, Singapore, China, Berlin and Spain. She has been an advocate and disrupter within the digital and business agility movement in Australia and abroad, leading multiple organisations through major transformations using systems psychodynamic methods and approaches.

Katy has gratefully served many people as a leader, coach and mentor and has frequently played the role of trusted advisor to executives in large corporate organisations.

Katy Rowett Seminar








Katy Rowett ‘Native or Alien?’

6-8 pm Wednesday 9th October 2019, for $65 at level 7, 341 Queen Street, Melbourne, Australia.  Register now!

When & Where

Katy Rowett Seminar

Native or Alien?


Wednesday 9th October 2019


6 – 8 pm


Level 7, 341 Queen Street, Melbourne, Australia


The National Institute of Organisation Dynamics Australia (NIODA) offers internationally renowned post-graduate education and research, and decades of experience consulting with Australian organisations. In 2018, their annual Symposium will explore the dynamics of interoperability and work within the emergency and trauma sectors.

The study of organisation dynamics brings together socio-technical and psychoanalytic disciplines to explore the unconscious dynamics that exist in every group, team or organisation. Learning more about these theories, and reflecting on the experience of them, can support leaders and managers to unlock great potential in their organisations, tackling issues through a whole new light.

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