Symposium sep 2018

Leading and Managing in the Emergency & Trauma Sectors
Exploring the dynamics of interoperability before, during and after crises

Call For Papers, Posters or Short Presentations

This Symposium will examine the psychodynamics of work in the emergency and trauma sectors. As extreme conditions occur at increasing rates for organisations because of climate change, economic instability, global connectivity and the internet more and more organisations will operate in high risk contexts. Our learning about leading and managing in the emergency and trauma sectors will have application for organisations in many sectors. One of the key challenges is growing effective interoperability between diverse organisations; not only during a crisis, but in the ‘before’ and ‘after’ periods, leading for both recovery and prevention.


  • What are the optimal organisational designs and interventions for those who work with trauma and emergencies?
  • How are the anxieties raised in this work managed?
  • What are the challenges faced by managers and organisation development practitioners in the face of emergencies and trauma, before, during and after the crisis?
  • How do organisations experience trauma?
  • Is reflective practice helpful in dealing with organisational trauma and/or those working with traumatised people?
  • What are the challenges facing emergency services?
  • In the face of extreme conditions – environmental and economic – what are the risks to management and leadership?
  • How are organisational policies and practices affected by working with
    trauma and emergencies?
  • What are the challenges facing organisations working with people who have trauma in their past?
Please send an abstract of your paper or presentation to by 15 June 2018.


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When & Where

Leaders and Managers in the Emergency and Trauma Sectors,

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Event Details

DATE:  15 September 2018

TIME:  All day

LOCATION: Melbourne, Australia

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