Social Dreaming Matrix & Book Launch

On the occasion of the publication of Social Dreaming: Philosophy, Research, Theory and Practice edited by Susan Long and Julian Manley published by Routledge, London

Social Dreaming Matrix and Book Launch

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Wednesday 24th July 2019

About the book

The idea of Social dreaming argues that dreams are relevant to the wider social sphere and have a collective resonance that goes beyond the personal narrative.
‘This is an important book that extends the horizons envisoned by Gordon Lawrence. Dreams are overdetermined events that condense many divergent strands of thought into one remarkable internal event. Social dreaming theorists analyse the way dreams include social events in the matrix. At a time when there is widespread distress in societies around the globe, a work such as this is timely and useful.’ (Christopher Bollas)

Address: David Armstrong

Principal Consultant, The Tavistock Consultancy Service

Social Dreaming: Philosophy, Research, Theory and Practice to be launched by David Armstrong, author and a principal consultant at The Tavistock Consultancy Service. David is an international figure in the fields of organizational psychology, group relations (since 1959) and social dreaming (since 1990). David will join the evening virtually.

Social Dreaming Matrix: Susan Long

Director Research & Scholarship, NIODA

Social Dreaming Matrix hosted by Susan Long, Director of Research and Scholarship at NIODA and Nuala Dent a principal consultant and research associate NIODA

Social Dreaming Matrix

Social Dreaming is a current expression of dream sharing with the intent to discover new hypotheses about the community. Lawrence was familiar with dreams as they are used in psychoanalysis. He was also aware of the other ways in which dreams are used in a variety of cultures. Amongst the influences on him was a work by Hannah Beradt entitled The Third Reich of Dreams. Beradt had collected the dreams of hundreds of Germans between 1933 and 1939. As a set, they appeared to have ‘rehearsed, presented and foreshadowed political events’. Lawrence thought that sharing dreams with a focus on their social content could aid in creatively thinking about and addressing issues in the social systems to which dreamers belonged. His link was between the content of dreams and the nature of the social systems of dreamers. The dreams are shared in a ‘matrix’ where dreamers are encouraged to make associations and connections to all dreams presented. The work of the matrix differs from that of a group insofar as the focus is not on interactions between the members but on the dreams and the associations and connections arising. (Susan Long, chapter 1)

When & Where

Social Dreaming Matrix & Book Launch


Wednesday 24th July 2019



5.30pm – 8.30 pm



Level 7, 341 Queen Street, Melbourne Australia

5.30pm  Start
5.45pm   Introduction to Social Dreaming
6-7pm   Social Dreaming Matrix
7-7.30pm   Dream Reflection Dialogue
7.40pm   Book Launch by David Armstrong

Books, ebooks and order forms books available on the night.

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