Seminar 10 October 2018

Putting the contradictions back into management education:

the application of a group relations approach into mainstream business school teaching

Professor Russ Vince

The MBA students I teach bring two unspoken wishes into my leadership module. First, they would like me to tell them how to be better leaders. Second, they would like to have me provide them with a set of skills or capabilities that allow them to be effective in their practice. These wishes get in the way of their ability to learn about leadership.

In my presentation, I will focus on how I support MBA students in moving beyond the desire for a set of coherent and stable leadership skills and capabilities. I will explain how a group relations approach makes it possible for students to engage with the complicated emotional, relational and political context in which their leadership is undertaken and transformed.

My broader aim is to raise questions about how we teach leadership; and the possibilities and problems of a group relations/ systems psychodynamic perspective within Business and Management Schools. I will be speaking about an approach to teaching and learning about leadership that attempts to do justice to the emotional and political complexity of leadership in action.


Russ Vince is Professor of Leadership and Change in the School of Management, the University of Bath, UK and Director of the school’s Research Centre for Strategic Change and Leadership (CSCL). Russ is Honorary Professor in Management at the University of St Andrews, UK. His research has focused on learning and reflection in organizations, emotions, management education, leadership development, and the psychodynamic study of organizations.

Russ is a former Editor-in-Chief of the international academic journal Management Learning (2005 – 2010); he is currently an Associate Editor with the Academy of Management Learning and Education (AMLE) journal. Russ is an internationally recognised expert in management learning and education, and has led developments in psychodynamic approaches to learning and in the theory and practice of critical action learning.

NIODA seminar: ‘Putting the contradiction back into management education’

10 October 2018, 6-8pm for $65 at CAE, 21 Degraves Street, Melbourne.  Don’t miss out!









When & Where

Seminar Russ Vince

DATE:  10 October 2018

TIME:  6 – 8 pm

COST: $65

LOCATION: CAE, 21 Degraves Street, Melbourne

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PO box 564, Flinders Lane  Melbourne  8009  Australia
+61 414 529 867

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