NIODA Seminar 3
Brigid Nossal and Wendy Harding: ‘Dream Keepers’

Wednesday 16 August, 6–8pm
CAE, Melbourne CBD
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Inaugural NIODA Symposium
"Getting the Policies We Deserve? The Dynamics of Policy Making"

Friday 8 September - Saturday 9 September
Centre for Theology and Ministry, Parkville, Melbourne
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 Eye3623 300x200  'Insightful Leadership: The Organisational Role Analysis Approach' Workshop
Thursday 26 October - Saturday 28 October,  9.30am–5pm
Tracey Centre, Parkville, Melbourne
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NIODA Seminar 4
Kris Wilms: ‘Volunteering for Leadership: beyond command and control’

Wednesday 1 November, 6 – 8 pm
CAE, Melbourne CBD

 GRCcover300x200 2017 NIODA Group Relations CONFERENCE

'Leadership, Authority and Organisation: Exploring Creative Disruption'
Monday 20 November – Friday 24 November    
International House, Melbourne University
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