The Undefended Heart: Integrating compassion and courage with the exercise of leadership

14 June 2017 6-8pm
Room 427, Level 4, 253 Flinders Lane, Melbourne (The CAE building)

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Lindy Amos and Dr Joy Humphreys will facilitate a presentation and participatory reflection based on the emergent discoveries from Lindy’s practice led doctoral research. Lindy’s thesis weaves together salient threads from participant and researcher experience to explore what it means to lead with equal measures of compassion and courage in organisations today. This seminar will briefly lay the foundations of the research, share selected working hypotheses and invite participants to reflect together on how to integrate courage, compassion and vulnerability in their leadership roles.

Hypotheses generated through Lindy’s inquiry, suggest the unconscious dynamics of dependency and idealisation, reinforce a collective idealised image of leaders who are emotionally impervious and heroic in the face of suffering. This myth infers that leaders are non-humans at worst, superhuman at best and because of this, are not impacted by the emotional labour they undertake as part and parcel of their roles. Because they do not suffer they cannot be, nor do they deserve to be, the targets of our compassion. A phenomena known as the fears of compassion, (Gilbert, McKewan, Matos and Rivers, 2010) will be used to enrich our thinking about the origins of these socially defensive manoeuvres and how to support organisations to grapple with the shadow sides of compassion and courage. We will reflect together on ways organisations can re-humanise the leadership role and alleviate organisational suffering.

Lindy is an organisation development consultant, coach and facilitator, leading a small team of practitioners at Collective Possibilities. She works largely in local government and the public sector. Lindy is currently completing her Professional Doctorate in Therapeutic Arts Practice – Organisation Dynamics through MIECAT. Dr Joy Humphreys is Lindy’s doctoral supervisor and founder and leader of The Humphreys Group. Joy is an organisational consultant and accredited Balint leader who has participated in and been on staff of international Group Relations  conferences and Balint intensive workshops.  Joy’s practice includes leading Balint groups for clinicians and organisational consultants, coaching executives and facilitating groups in the water sector, aged care and local government industries.  She is a Director of Otway Health and recently completed the Australian Institute of Company Directors governance training program.  

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