NIODA Research and Scholarship is dedicated to the advancement of understanding in systems psychodynamics for the purpose of supporting healthy, sustainable and creative organisations.

NIODA Research means supporting organisations and their members in discovery of hitherto unknown correlations or causal connections in their organisational experience and supporting and working with them to remedy problematics as a result of new understandings.

NIODA Scholarship means working towards scholarly advancements through deeply and humanely thinking about what occurs in organisations; to sort the significant from the insignificant and issue meaningful opinions about important matters, with fairness and grace.

Research and Scholarship at NIODA are the cornerstone of the Institute’s vitality, energy and relevance. Research and Scholarship supports cutting edge knowledge and practice in NIODA’s Academic programs and NIODA Consulting, and provides a dynamic, forward oriented workplace for NIODA staff members and associates and opportunities for NIODA students to be involved in small and large research endeavours.