iceberg 2195 300x200pxNIODA Consulting is a not-for-private-profit consulting practice made up of established and emerging consultants.

Its main purpose is to to offer organisations and the people who work in them new and creative ways of:

  • understanding and dealing with complex dilemmas
  • exercising leadership
  • fostering a healthy work culture and
  • transforming systems for high performance

NIODA Consulting clients are individuals, groups and organisational leaders who are seeking an innovative approach to dealing with complex challenges and difficult problems. Clients come to NIODA when the so-called ‘tried and true’ approach is no longer working.

NIODA Consulting delivers services that positively impact the organisation’s leadership, work culture, structure and processes by working with the conscious and practical aspects of organisational life while also paying attention to what may be unconscious or hidden.

NIODA Consulting is the Australian Distribution Partner for the Relational Coordination Survey Instrument (RCSI).