pills 1135 300x200Some of the key elements are the face to face contact time and the experiential learning elements. This makes the learning real and the ability to review with other participants and staff enable real life application to take place between classes. The reading is challenging but stimulating and stretches the possibilities for me. I have found that what I am learning has had significant impact on my work; what work I do, how I go about it and what effect it therefore has on my clients. The interventions for clients have been more focused and sustainable in their outcomes. Undertaking the course has already been a life changing decision and I am so pleased I had the opportunity. Current Participant & Management Consultant


I wanted a course that helped me understand more about the dynamics of organisations and look at change. All the change management courses I found just did not hit the mark. I was very excited to eventually hear that NIODA were offering this course and it has more than met my expectations so far. Current LMOD participant.


I'm finding that the learnings from the LMOD program have significantly enhanced my contribution at work (statutory authority of 160 EFT, where I am a senior manager in the corporate services area). I feel like I am able to interpret much more readily and effectively workplace dynamics that were previously mysterious.


Having more understanding of group dynamics has made me a better project manager and contributor to the design of internal workshops and meetings.


I feel like I am better able to take up my role and 'manage myself' in that role.


My immediate colleagues and especially my boss (the COO) see what I am learning as a valuable resource and frequently ask about how my studies are going and what connections I've made to issues at work.  We regularly incorporate the thinking from my weekly classes into the way we approach problem solving and planning.  My workplace is contributing to my NIODA fees and I have no doubt they see this as a great investment. Current Participant & Senior Manager


I am very, very, grateful that this LMOD course started in 2014 because it is the ONLY organisation dynamics course worth studying for me. I completed a graduate diploma in the same discipline in the mid nineties and worked as a consultant for about 8 years. After a period doing other things I realized that this is the work I am best at, and I needed re-orientation and further development. That is exactly what I am getting – I am being stretched and educated both intellectually and emotionally about how the unconscious in an organisation manifests in the consultants working with it, and how that deepens and enriches the learning about just what exactly is going on in the particular organisation.

This is the only methodology that offers the real opportunity for learning and growth for managers and organisations  Left brained, cookie cutter approaches are so superficial compared to an approach that focuses on what is happening with these staff and this organisation in real time. There is no magic formula but paying close attention to what is happening with left and right brain and being trained in how to contain dynamics and work with them to assist the organisation. Current LMOD participant