Executive Summary

The National Institute of Organisation Dynamics (NIODA) is a small, not-for-profit educational institute created in 2010 to be a centre of excellence in the field of systems psychodynamics.

With the recent registration of the Institute as a Higher Education Provider and accreditation of a Master of Leadership and Management (Organisation Dynamics) course, NIODA is entering an exciting new phase of development and growth.

The Strategic Planning process is integral to achieving the Institute’s purpose and vision and ensuring the embedding of NIODA within the Australian higher education sector. NIODA has adopted a five-year strategic planning cycle. Development of the 2016 – 2020 Strategic Plan and this 2016 revision, were undertaken in consultation with the all members of the Board of Governance.

This strategic plan builds on the achievements of the recent past by setting challenging but achievable goals for the five years 2016-2020. The four goals are presented according to what we see to be the foundational pillars for achieving the vision and provide the central framework for the strategic plan:

  1. Provide high quality learning environments in systems psychodynamics for a growing customer base
  2. Grow NIODA’s profile as a centre of excellence in system psychodynamic education
  3. Ensure requisite infrastructure for organisational sustainability and growth
  4. Embed sound corporate and academic governance

These goals articulate the key areas in which NIODA will need to perform in order to establish a strong foundation for the future growth of the institute.

Download the complete Strategic Plan